no one is perfect in everything

An entrepreneur that tryes to be perfect in every aspect related to startingUp has NO chance to succeed… an entrepreneur has the ability to cope with uncertainty... to face uncertainty… to survive uncertainty…

But an entrepreneur NEEDS to survive these 360º decisions every day and align them with the long, mid and short term…


At kiubick we don’t pretend giving in stone written recipies of how to run your startUp… we bring together the best kollaborators that work on presenting their way of seeing your challenge… you won’t get THE INSTRUCTIONS for your LEGO starship, but you’ll get a strong out-of-the-forrest set of new ways of seing your story, you’ll get crowd criticism on some aspects and hipothesis of your plan and great support on others…

None will expect you to follow our point of view, you are the only one that can do it… if you are not sure of that… please quit!!!


If you are the best for running your project WE WANT TO HELP YOU MAKE IT FASTER…


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